CulumNATURA natural cosmetics
Natural cosmetics for the eco-hairstylist

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2115 Ernstbrunn

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Natural cosmetics for the eco-hairstylist: cosmetics for men, hair care, skin care, hair brushes

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CULUMNATURA® natural cosmetics

CULUMNATURA® stands for developing natural products and sharing expertise. Holistic thinking, sensitivity, consistency and honesty are the key principles of the CULUMNATURA® Philosophy.

To CULUMNATURA® holistic means creating awareness for natural beauty and to develop products, consisting of purely natural ingredients to protect nature and mankind.

In our magazine CULUMNATURA® Info we often critically discuss current topics related to skin and hair.

CULUMNATURA® optimal care for skin and hair

The body care line to keep you healthy. Available at your eco-hairstylist or eco-beautician (Salon search)

2115 Ernstbrunn
E-Werkgasse 13
T: 0043 (0) 2576 2089
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